About Us

Green Life Pest Control (GLPC) is small and family owned. Started in 1st July 2016 as a franchisee in pest control. Subsequently built up into a thriving business in Nashik. Green Life Pest Control came out of the franchise in 1st Dec 2017, and is now a fully independent pest control company.

Green life Pest Control (GLPC) has treated more than 150 building in Nashik for termite control, more than any other pest control company besides doing pest control treatment for all types of pests in all kinds of premises such as hotels, restaurants, factories, households, offices and hospitals.

At Green life Pest Control (GLPC), we pride ourselves on providing the best advice, and giving the best service to solve a pest issue. Green Life Pest Control (GLPC) staff is educated and quality conscious. They were trained in Government Institutes like CFTRI and now the training is done in our Company. They are trained through audio-visual medium, formal classroom sessions and practical on-site training.

Green life Pest Control (GLPC) uses the latest third generation insecticides to which pests have not become immune; Green life Pest Control (GLPC) is updated with the latest happenings and innovations in the pest management industry by attending seminars and industry periodicals.

Please feel free to ask for any references; we can literally let you choose a client from the many we look after, that you can call to ask about us. We're fairly sure they'd give you a very good report on us.