Green Life Pest Control (GLPC) is small and family owned. Started in 1st July 2016 as a franchisee in pest control.Subsequently built up into a thriving business in Nashik.Green Life Pest Control came out of ...read more

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Commercial, Industrial and residential Pest control services

For Residents

Our focus is to quickly work out what's happening, and provide what you need as effectively as possible, no more - with as little disruption as possible. We realise how expensive home life is (our business being family owned). The last thing you need is someone more focused on sales (we have all had that at times), rather than what's best (and more than adequate) for the given pest issue. We regularly come across customers, where companies have preyed on a fear, to push the price up - and it still didn't work that well (hence we were then called). We guarantee we don't do that (we are honest, and have a conscience).

For Industrial and Commercial

It is likely you'll need a contract with ongoing pest prevention and control. We will take you through what the law and best practice is to stay absolutely legal. The last thing you want is an issue revealing non-compliance you'd be surprised at how severe the penalties can be.. including unlimited fines and/or custodial sentences. We started in 2016, and are amazed at how many sites we have come across, where the customer is being 'ripped off'. Quite often illegal practice is being used by the current supplier. We use an approach, with detailed control, easy for you to follow, which really will give you a good sense of what we are doing. No more 'what's that pest control guy really doing...when were they last here...?'

With us, you will know. And it will follow best practice, be legal, be good value for money, and be very effective.

Whether you are a film set, school, factory, port, shop or a resident - we have pest solutions for any size of issue to suit any home or business, fully compliant with the law and our industry's guidelines. Plus, we guarantee to give you the best advice and service or your money back.